Client Testimonials

"Memory Magic really helps stimulate dementia patients. it encourages socializing. Staff use it to awaken folks. As they play the games, you can see their minds open up with the answers they come up with. People who haven't been speaking open up and speak."

Loren Diekman, President/CEO
Jenkins Living Center
Watertown, SD

I like that it keeps our residents actively engaged. It minimizes wandering and decreases agitation and it makes the staff feel good because they are getting positive responses and resident interactions from people with dementia. The family members are also engaged at the table with their loved ones playing Memory Magic. These are family members who have difficulty communicating with their loved ones.

Thelma Burless, Activity Director
Carroll Manor Nursing Home
Washington, D.C.

I use Memory Magic for group therapy every Friday. I run two groups, for which we receive Medicare reimbursement. It's the most easily usable tool for me. Everybody enjoys it. It enhances their cognitive skills, word finding and communication. It works for my clients because it's concrete and also gives them something to do with their hands. It's like a game. It's fun...

Barbara Rauckhorst, Speech Therapist
Rockynol Retirement Community
Akron, OH

I had my first group using the Memory Magic Program yesterday and it went very well. Overall the group lasted an hour and held their attention the entire time.  It was very successful! I will put the activity on my calendar weekly from here on. The program is very useful. Nice job!

Gwen Wellner, Life Enrichment Coordinator
Homestead of Coon Rapids
Coon Rapids, MN

"Participants represent a wide range in cognitive ability. They enjoy the camaraderie, the ability to participate and especially the ability to be involved in an activity that is non-threatening and fun on so many levels. It is much better than bingo. It makes them think. We are able to involve participants who are not willing to take a risk of losing as well as those who cannot speak and those who have lost the ability to play other games."

Activity Director, Adult Day Care
Concordia Care
Cleveland, OH

"I think the residents love it. In fact, I know they do. They spend hours on it. Yes, they love it. It’s easy for them to do. And that’s really smart to have something that’s so easy when they’re challenged in that regard sometimes." (What do the staff think?) "It’s easy, so it’s real easy to lead."

Marge Carey
Wadsworth, OH

"The Memory Magic™ Program incites conversation. That was the biggest bonus. It sparks a memory. Residents share and feel more valued. Now there is more conversation with other activities. The residents have learned to elaborate on the answer and branch off to other questions. My staff is surprised at the residents' ability to answer questions. Staff had assumed that residents would not be capable of answering questions."

Alzheimer's Care Director, Dementia Unit
Golden Living
Shippenville, PA

"I think that the Memory Magic game is wonderful for the residents. They interact. It really brings out their personalities and some good memories that they had in the past."

Melissa Swayngin
Mill Run Gardens & Care Center
Hilliard, OH

"We utilize Memory Magic on the Alzheimer’s dementia unit. And the residents love it. Everyday that we play it it’s a different game depending on which residents are playing it. The staff enjoy doing it and sometimes they even argue as to who’s going to lead the group. The outcomes all that’s important to me, so it’s a great value." (Also pictured: Sharon Jackson)

Beth Wade, Nursing Supervisor
Bolivar Care Center
Bolivar, OH

"We have had [Memory Magic] now for the past 3 years. It’s absolutely awesome. It can be adapted to any situation you want: a large group, a one-to-one visit, a small group. It’s just wonderful. Our residents love it. We have tournaments with it. We play it sometimes like tic-tac-toe, corners, like bingo. We just love it. We found that our residents have a good time with the program. Staff love it too because it’s all compacted into one thing. You just pick it up and you’re on the go."

Georgette Dickerson
Wet Stone Gardens & Care Center
Columbus, OH

"...our residents like the Memory Magic Program. We really have some interesting and fun discussions. I am really glad that we purchased. It is a really great investment."

Activity Director, Skilled Nursing
HCR Manor Care
Fond du Lac, WI

"Residents recalled playing the game... [they] greet one another as we bring them in [all in wheelchairs] to where the Memory Magic Program takes place. It's as if they know this is going to be social time that elicits positive feelings. We begin and end each session with greetings and goodbyes that make our time together special."

Susan McFadden, Ph.D;
Professor and Chair, Dept of Psychology
University of Wisconsin
Oshkosh, WI

I use the Memory Magic product often with our neighbors. They enjoy it each time we play. Our neighbors become very social, verbal, and competitive at times. I would recommend this product to anyone who works with those living with dementia.

Holly Bolin
Otterbein of Lebanon
Lebanon, OH

Our residents play [The Memory Magic™ Program] longer - for at least 45 minutes. The residents actually enjoy it. It is less frustrating for people in certain stages. Most of our individuals are in early to mid stages. One person who is younger, in their late 50's with early onset, it is one of the few activities she will do. And that is true of a number of our other residents.

Mary Eskridge, Adult Day Care
Health and Home
Manassas, VA

"I like the Memory Magic™ Game Board because it is something my residents can hold and manipulate. The Memory Magic™ Program keeps my cognitively-impaired residents cognitive a little longer. With Memory Magic™, you are able to have everything you need in a program at hand. It provides variety. It's creative and I can use it at each cognitive level."

Activity Coordinator, Skilled Nursing
Golden Living
Oil City, PA

"The residents here are enjoying their time playing he Memory Magic Program. It is stimulating many memories and keeps their attention. It gives resident's something to look forward to. I would recommend this wonderful activity to others..."

Activity Director, Skilled Nursing
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

"The Memory Magic Program is very versatile. You can do it different ways each time, depending on the questions you ask. You can make up your own questions. You can get a lot of different responses from residents who ordinarily don't respond or don't participate or fall asleep. With Memory Magic they don't do that. They are more involved."

Activity Director, Skilled Nursing
Shippenville, PA

"Great game for playing with residents. They really enjoy it and look forward to it because it gives them a time to get to know their neighbors and friends. They laugh...It gets residents talking. It is not an activity that takes 20 minutes and you are done. This is a good 45 minute activity. You know they are going to enjoy it."

Recreational Service Director
Clarion, PA

"The residents who play with us very much enjoy the Memory Magic Program and are eager to play again. Residents in other areas are excited about starting something new!"

Director of Activities, Assisted Living
Akron, OH

We did a lot of research and there is nothing out there like your program that falls under the communication codes in the RAI Manual. Congratulations! We can't wait for your program to get here and we will call you for training session dates and times when we get the product.

Amy Walco, Administrator
Hillcrest Health Care Center
Joliet, Illinois

"Let's my staff and I be interactive with our residents. They LOVE it! The Memory Magic Program helps residents remember and reminise about things in their past. Because of the interaction and being able to share their stories. We have a high functioning unit and they can still interact and provide great stories."

Laura Eckert
Casa de Las Companas

Laura Eckert

My Memory Magic arrived yesterday - package in great shape on arrival. Opened this a.m. and am absolutely thrilled with the program. Anxious to put it into action here in the Northeast.

You know the old adage - "anything worth getting is worth waiting for" - I am so excited!


Carleen Zembko, Private Recreational Therapist